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Kevin Enlow has owned & operated his business for the past 10 years and has been in the remodeling/construction business for over 25 years. Kevin and Emily Enlow are the sole proprieters of K and E Remodeling  and have based their business standards on providing the customer with a job, however big or small, that is top-notch and without parallel. We  base each and every job as our most important job, with integrity,  honesty, stellar craftsmanship, and experience.

Bob McGee has a long, successful history in the home  remodeling/construction business . Bob possesses over 40 years in  business management, home construction/design, & customer service  and is now the Project Manager/Consultant with K and E Remodeling,  contributing to their over 50 years of total experience in remodeling,  home improvement, & construction. With that long history he has  gained unmeasurable knowledge and contacts in the business so when it is time to pull out all the stops, Bob is the man who can get it done.  Call Bob today for whatever job you are thinking about no matter how big or how small... 636-699-7800